I’m Old. So Old. So What?

I was planning to write about the new school year, and how my son had already gotten in trouble, but instead I’m going to deal with my midlife crisis. It hit me on my birthday, imagine that! Instead of enjoying the beaches of Maui, I was bathing in a pool of sunscreen to save whatever was left from my long-gone youth. Not sure what has triggered this sudden shift from feeling a young mom to an old woman, but it’s hard to deny that I’m more and more willing to spend more and more money on a tiny jar of face cream. What’s wrong with me? That’s not my philosophy, is it? I’d rather seize the day than try to stop the time. I badly need a proper brainwash.  Any ideas?

In the meantime, I keep repeating to myself what, ironically, I, myself,  have written. Hopefully, it will reset my confused brains. And yours, in case you too struggle to embrace a new wrinkle and another grey hair. Happy Birthday to all of us!


I’m thirty something

and quite all right.

If only could I erase

those wrinkles around my eyes…

I wouldn’t even bother, for why

and how would I know

which ones came from laughing

to tears and which were born in pain

when I cried. Besides,

if I were to die tomorrow

wouldn’t it be quite a lie

to lie in my coffin

with my skin so impeccably

suave, as if I have never lived?

But I am, aren’t I?

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