The Fall

One thing I sure miss in the Bay Area is the colorful Fall. Yes, some trees turn red and yellow, but it is not as I have seen it in Poland, Belgium or Ohio, for example. The California Fall would have never inspired me to writing this poem. Enjoy your Indian Summer and the September palette of colors!


the fall

you come like a queen

dressed in gold and ruby-red

but your perfume’s so a-royal

cinnamon- apple blend


come simple girl or queen-

you’re never unannounced

but it is you to choose your time,

you always surprise

like a broadway show,

a parade of dance and light

as if hypnotized

the world chants for you and sings

to the wildest music

by Maestro Wind,

and trees, for their summer-lover bright green clad,

keep dropping leaf by leaf,

(like strip-tease, quite sad)

till naked, ‘you’ve betrayed the summer!’-

November rains

(or cries)

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