Can It Be?

Can it be that my blog about books and parenting is in conflict with my idea of parenting? However long I have tried to deny it, I am finally admitting it.

At first, I found writing my little posts very fulfilling. It was helping me to use the creative part of my brain, which seemed like a win-win solution for an engaged stay-at-home mom and an aspiring writer. But with time, I started noticing that my blogging was becoming more of a two-edged sword. I was getting too distracted as a mom and too frustrated as a writer. I wasn’t giving either of my roles enough attention. And that’s when I called it a… break. Yes, I’ve been on a vacation from blogging. Sometimes I feel like a quitter, but most of the time I am most… relaxed, I guess. I don’t worry about the likes or lack of likes, comments or no comments. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night thinking about editing my posts or promoting my blog.

I might be back. I want to be back. I will be back. Soon.

Until then and happy reading!