“If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” by Laura Numeroff


The other day my two-year-old asked for a carrot. I gave him a crunchy, juicy carrot to eat. But the carrot make my son think of an orange crayon, so instead of eating it, he decided to put it to work on his brother’s TaeKwonDo uniform, which apparently made him think of a white sheet of paper… And we were just about to leave for the big brother’s sparring class…

This “artistic” incident made me think of Laura Numeroff’s “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” and other books from this amusing series, which currently experience a renaissance at our home. We used to read them with my older son, but to be honest, I always found the stories a bit too far fetched and the plot too forced. Well, not any more. My younger son’s logic and his readiness to execute the most outrageous plan prove that there are kids out there who can fully relate to the Cat, Dog or Moose and their outlandish ideas.

From cupcakes, to sprinkles, from sprinkles to the beach… the Cat’s brain makes some unpredictable connections that lead from one adventure to another. A ride on a carousele whale brings him to the science museum and the sand on the way back home, brings back the memories of sprinkles, which, naturally, trigger the thought of cupcakes… 

If your children think the way the Cat and my younger son do, they will love this entertaining story and lively pictures by the Numeroff- Bond duo.

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