“WHOOPS!” by Suzi Moore


Can you imagine an animal that couldn’t find its voice? Well, there was once a cat that couldn’t meow, a dog that couldn’t woof and a mouse that was incapable of uttering a squeak. What were they to do? According to a wise owl, an old lady in a tumbledown house knew a spell that would set things right. It took her a few tries, but she finally found the right spell the animals found their voices. But wait a minute…. Who is that croaking old lady now? Whoops!

If you are looking for a book that speaks hilarious, this frolicky, rhythmical read-aloud is the one. “WHOOPS!” simply bursts with outrageous humor on every level. From a sequence of comic disasters as a plot, to playful rhyme with catchy repetitions, and hysterical pictures by Russell Ayto, the story is a serious giggle trigger.

I could alsmost call “WHOOPS!”pure entertainment. But isn’t it more than that? What makes this book a real gem is that next to the whole comedy, the book isn’t deprived of an important message. Just like the cat, the dog and the mouse, we all need to find our own voice. Happy searching, everyone! 


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