Ready, Set, Read!

Have you ever wondered what apples and books have in common? Well, I believe they are both good to have on a daily basis. Thanks to the crunchy habit in our family, I don’t rush to the pediatrician’s office with my son, unless for a periodic check-up. And thanks to the books? Books turn my son’s childhood  into magic.

I don’t remember much from my early years but I do recall one thing: I clearly hear my mom  reading stories to me. I don’t even know the very stories anymore, but I do feel the excitement that went along with the experience.  My mom taught me how to read when I was five. She did me a big favor.

When I entered the motherhood, I did it like every first-time mom: with lots of  ideas and resolutions regarding my new role and new routine. Of course, I have had to revise and update numerous times since the theory met practice. Co-sleeping, for instance, was never a part of my plan, but I embraced it.  A glass of milk with a meal, on the other hand, was a part of my ambitious theory, but my son prefers yoghurt. However, there is one thing that I have always stayed faithful to: reading to my son. Together with my husband, we have read to him since the first months. At three months, he could stay focused on a picture book, even though what he gathered from it remains a mystery. When he was one, he had a collection of books that we read obsessively, until both of us knew the stories by heart.  At three, I just couldn’t believe his listening stamina, memory, focus and interest in the stories we read to him. He operated on letters, phonics, numbers. He spoke clearly in three languages… He started writing words on top of all that. You must think I am bragging? Well,  I am not taking any credit for my son’s skills. I bringing them up, because I believe that these are the fruits of our simple routine: 1 book per day.

Dear parent, in this blog, I want to challenge you, as well as inspire with one little title per day. The books will be mostly picture stories with some board books, to which me and my son like to come back. It is just one book a day and so much happiness! Why not to share the experience? I would love to know which books captured your children’s hearts and in what way you explored the stories. And if they did not appeal to your little ones, I would like to hear that too. Perhaps you can suggest new books as well. That will be greatly appreciated!

And so, with no further ado, ready, set, read!

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  1. kxw116
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 04:31:08

    Oh, what a worthwhile goal! I still remember reading with my mom when I was younger and was definitely one of my formative experiences. I also still remember my first 100+ page books, the Redwall series, very fondly and would definitely recommend it to your son has he gets older. I think everyone can benefit from learning to love reading at an early age and think its wonderful that you’re helping other parents read with their children as you read with your son 🙂


  2. kidscommunicate
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 05:21:26

    Love this goal! And always working on literacy goals with my students – early and often is the key!!


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