“Goodnight iPad” by Ann Droyd

In my previous post I touched upon some of the fears our children face as the first day of school approaches. In today’s post I’d like to address an issue taking sleep away from many engaged parents. I am one of those parents and I am talking about our hectic mornings-to-come and  getting everything and everyone ready on time. Mission impossible? Not exactly. I think that our morning goals can be reached, but the key to success is hidden in the night before. In other words, we all need a good night sleep to study/function well the next day. But do we? Apparently not quite. According to some recent study on the link between the quality of sleep and children’s performance at school, irregular/short sleep doesn’t affect boys as much as girls.  (?!) You’ve just won a bedtime battle with your daughter. Lucky you!  If you have a son, don’t worry, just ignore the findings.  Even if your boy doesn’t need a lot of sleep, you do. Early bedtime it is!  Of course, HOW early or late it is up to your family’s biological clock. Some of my friends turn the lights off around 7.30. We target 9pm for our night owl.  The best we could negotiate. What’s  bedTIME at your home?

But the length of sleep is one thing and its quality is another. How to help your child rest well and have sweet dreams? From my own experience, there are three things to remember:

1. Take an evening walk

It’s a wonderful way to unwind, chat about the day, plan the rest of the week/weekend. The more oxygen you breathe in, the better you sleep.

2. Drink a cup of milk (with honey)

No late night junk food. It only adds to nightmares. Dairy relaxes and helps to fall asleep.

And last but not least,

3. Avoid/limit late night stimulation: TV, video games, computer…

Today’s book is meant to help you to convince your children not to bring tablets, smart phones, and other buzzing and ringing devices to bed. An old teddy bear is a better idea.

“Goodnight iPad” is a hysterical  take on a bedtime story. A spot on rhyme for our digitalized and computerized kids.  This apparent parody of an old classic ( “Goodnight Moon” of course) is so well observed and humorously written that even your 4-year-old-iPad -maniac will enjoy it (instead of a Nook bedtime story)

“In the bright buzzing room there was an iPad…  And a new Facebook friend and texts with no end…”   It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Don’t we all know those “bings, bongs, and beeps of emails and tweets”  going off around our houses until the sleep starts calling and we have to take a break from our virtual reality.  “Goodnight pop stars, MacbookAir…”

Giggles and giggles on every page.  And you just have to see the hilarious cartoons that go with it! The old lady looks pretty determined as she tosses the gadgets through the window…

I am not going to throw our electronics away, but I think I have to take some measures and help my son part with his Netflix show.  Perhaps you need to do the same.  Have a goodnight!