The Right Time to Have a Good Time

It’s only Monday, and the school year has just started, but I already feel like I’m running out of gas. Too little sleep, too much coffee, too little time with friends, too many errands. Too much  “No!” and “Mine!” from my toddler and one too many pouty face from my kindergartener. Drop offs, pick-ups, cooking, cleaning… Not sure when but I got fully sucked into my daily grind. I guess I was afraid that too much ME time would take away from the MOMMY and WIFE time. I’m a lousy multi-tasker. I was putting off my own want-to-do-it list till the next year, when both boys are at school and I have more time to do MY things.  But I’m getting burnt out. I need to reset. I need more ME time. Now.  More workout, yoga, dance classes, maybe finally start working on my novel? Whatever it will be it, now is the right time to do it. 

Funny, but I have already been through a phase like this. In a different context but with the same symptoms. I even wrote a poem about it.  Time to reread it and live by my own words again.

By the way, I was planning to start my novel today but the babysitter canceled on me. At least I managed to work out during my toddler’s nap. One thing at a time, I guess.  

The Good Time

I lived 100m/h- chasing time

the good time, the one yet to come

addicting mirage, driving me insane

from A to B to C to A

driving in circles,

everyday, to stop too scared

I failed to see bad time was catching up


the tank is empty

I live 10 m/h

far away from rush hour jams

racing on my tiptoes with snails

I’ve finally found a sense

in my journey and my senses

have found an essence in dance

in the rhythm of silence

in tune with my neural universe

no more chasing the good time

it is now and here