361. “Where’s My Tail?” by Susan Schafer

Tails seems to be one of the most intriguing animal parts, for children and for children’s book writers alike. No wonder, the sheer number of different types of tails is already mind-boggling. But what are the tails for anyway? Do animals need them?

As Little Lizard discovered, when his own tail magically fell off, tails are indispensable. So what happened to the Little Lizard’s?  Perhaps a frog could help him solve the puzzle? After all, she seems to have lost hers too. Well, the frog’s tail fell off when she was a tadpole and she didn’t care about having one now. It would weigh her down when jumping into the water. What about a bear? He looks tail-less too. Oh, no, one must not ignore bear’s stubby little tail. Did raccoon ever lose his tail? Nope, he needs his bushy tail to blend with the background when in danger. What about a snake? His tail is so long that he could share it with Little Lizard, perhaps? The snake did not like that idea.  But actually, Little Lizard didn’t need to borrow any tail anymore, as his own had already grown back.

Isn’t is amazing? Lizards lose their tails when grabbed by an enemy, but in most cases, the tails grow back. Your children can learn this and other curious facts about the animal tails from this entertaining and very educational Little Lizard’s adventure. Highly engaging, colorful pictures by Doug Cushman.