“What A Trip!” by Arthur Yorinks


We used to have fish fights with my son. Every time I would make cod or tilapia for dinner, he would throw a fit and simulate choking. Not anymore. Not since we read about a certain Mel eating swordfish. Whether it was the intriguing name or meaty taste, I am not sure, but it did the trick! My son wanted to try it. It was love at first bite!

So who is Mel and why did he eat swordfish?

Mel was a typical boy from New Jersey, who happened to trip and fall… into another dimension. A pointy dimension. Cars, houses, dogs, people… everything was pointy there. Another trip and Mel was back to New Jersey. He tried to explain to his parents and friends about the pointy reality, but nobody believed him. He tried to go back, but nothing worked. Not even eating swordfish or tripping himself. His obsessive behavior worried his parents and he was sent to a special camp for klutzes, from which he was sent home for collecting arrowheads and making spears. Suddenly, as Mel was helping his dad at work, he vanished before his father’s eyes. The second trip to the pointy dimension was even more adventurous. And this time he didn’t have to explain anything to his parents. They knew better to believe him. 

And hopefully you will believe me that this hilarious story by Arthur Yorinks and Richard Egielski’s cartoonish illustrations, make it a great reading treat for the whole family. Before or after the swordfish dinner. Hmm… I might give the asparagus spears a try next time.