“How To Cheer Up Dad” by Fred Koehler


A little tribute to Dads and a great gift of read-together for Father’s Day and every day!

Little Jumbo’s dad’s day wasn’t up for a good start.  First it was the raisins rain that threw him off,  then a fight over a bath and brown overalls. Little Jumbo suggested a time-out for dad. Well, it was Jumbo who got one instead. He decided to think of a way to cheer his dad up. Between a trip to the park and ice-cream store, fishing and reading books, dad’s mood’s improved indeed. Thanks goodness Little Jumbo knows how to cheer up his dad, because a cape cut out of the curtain won’t do the trick…

Enjoy the story and have a great Father’s Day!

“My Buddy, Daddy” by Agnieszka Chapas

If I’m going to die as a self-published author, at least I’m going to be a prolific one!

Check out my tribute to the father-son bond, inspired by my own sons and their bigger buddy, Dad.



357. “Daddies” By Janet Frank

Happy Father’s Day! I hope that all daddies are enjoying their special day. Whether your family let you sleep in an extra hour, made you your favorite breakfast, or prepared some other surprises, I hope you feel loved and appreciated.  On my end, I have one more book to celebrate fatherhood.

“Daddies”  pays tribute to both fathers and their jobs.  An interesting twist, isn’t it? After all, dads spend most of their time at work, so what do they do? From baking bread for our breakfast and growing vegetables for our dinners, to building planes, driving cars, keeping us safe and healthy, or even writing books that we love to read, “dads do almost everything”. But regardless of how useful and exciting the job, “Daddy rushes home-to us!”

Okay, perhaps sometimes, you would rather stay longer in the office than run home to deal with a screaming baby, but I can promise you that this phase is only temporary. There is nothing like seeing your child’s excitement, when dad comes home.

A truly warm rhyme and illustrations (by Tibor Gergely), in the familiar tone of Little Golden Books.  A great way to honor dads and their jobs at the same time.


356. “The Night Before Father’s Day” by Natasha Wing

We all know what miracles happened the night before Christmas, but you might be interested to find out what has happened to a certain dad before Father’s Day.

While dad went biking, the rest of the family went on a mission. To the garage. They cleaned, scrubbed, put things away, set things up… Mom and children were working hard to bring the place to order. Then it was time to wash and polish dad’s car. And as if that was not enough, on Father’s Day morning, dad was greeted with breakfast in bed and cards.  What a treat and what awesome surprises! It was the best Father’s Day ever. 

If you are still looking for ideas to please your dad tomorrow, you don’t need to look far. I am sure there are a lot of opportunities waiting in your dad’s den, workshop, garage or car.

But first, enjoy this amusing and quite inspiring story, as well as the warm illustrations by Amy Wummer. By the way, the book is a part of a series (The Night Before Kindergarten/Thanksgiving/the New Baby…), which might come in handy on other occasions.

347. “Every Friday” by Dan Yaccarino

Today, it  is Friday and in  a few days, it is Father’s Day. How about a book  that celebrates both?  Fridays with Dad it is.

Every Friday, while mommy and the baby stay home, a little boy and his dad leave the house. Whatever the weather, they take a walk. They see shops open up, pass people rushing to work… One block, two blocks… taking their time,  to have their breakfast at the diner. There is nothing like pancakes and chat with dad. 

Isn’t it always those little things that are the most important in life? It’s those little details that can make us good parents. It’s not the money we spend on our children, but the time we spend with them that matters.

In our family, it started long time ago. I used to tutor on Saturday mornings, so my husband and my son were on their own. “Just two boys, We are going to do the “boys stuff”. My son loved it. My tutoring ended, but the tradition of Saturday mornings just with daddy, has continued. To our son’s delight.

A warm and engaging story and pictures by this talented writer and illustrator.

14. “My Buddy-Daddy” by Aga Chapas

Happy Father’s Day!  There are lots of ways to celebrate the wonders of fatherhood and show the dads in our lives how much we appreciate them. I would usually start with a card, but last year I decided to go one step further and crown my husband’s new role as an awesome father  with words AND pictures. I wrote a picture book.

Although the book was based on observations of my own family, I found out later that there are lots of other boys and dads who can easily relate. Perhaps you can see your husband and son in it as well?

A little boy can’t wait for his dad to get back home from work. As soon as his father enters the house, the magic begins. As soon as the dinner is finished, the living room changes into a soccer field. There is playing with cars, reading books, chasing balloons, snacking on a couch and a good night “I love you”.

The book is written in rhyme, and its light tone is meant to serve as fun read. The cute cartoonish pictures by Dagna Ziolkowska appeal to the small children  by their simplicity and clarity. The book contains two special pages: “My Best Memories as Dad” and “Our Projects” that allow dads to make the book their own. It can come with a personalized dedication.

The book is available for a preview and purchase on my website: http://www.touchwithwords.com.