“Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Everyone! Hope you’re having a good one, whether catching the Black Friday bargains or catching a breath after the yesterday’s celebrations. Since I don’t like to turn my holiDAYS into holiDEALS, you won’t see me anywhere close by the shopping malls. Instead, while my sons are enjoying the quality time with their dad, I am going to tell you about another creative book for creative minds.

Harold wanted to take a walk in the moonlight. But there was no moon. Luckily, Harold had a giant purple crayon. He could draw a moon with the crayon. He even could draw a path to walk on. Actually, he could draw whatever he wanted. A mountain, Harold could climb on,  a boat to ride in the ocean, a pie and more pies, for who likes walking in the moonlight while being hungry? A policeman, to show Harold the right direction when he got lost. And last but not least, he could draw his bed, so Harold could crawl into it again when he was done with his imaginary walk. 

Now I should comment on the book, but isn’t it self-explanatory? No wonder that the book has been around for over 50 years and hasn’t lost its appeal or relevance. Every child should know that they have a magic crayon at their disposal. Purple or not, the crayon can take the child on an exciting adventure in the wild world of imagination.  

Today my son wanted to go mini-golfing with his dad, but as they found out, the place had closed down. He was quite disappointed. I think it’s a good day to re-read Harold’s adventure and perhaps do some drawing. Imaginary or not.

I fully recommend this book for the holiday season. Holidays are filled with wishes, but also with disappointments. Some things, even great things, just can’t happen, however hard we try otherwise.  Let the child discover the magic crayon in their imagination, so they can  create the thrilling world of anything is possible. Even a walk in the moonlight without the moon.