346. “Charlie Hits It Big” by Deborah Blumenthal

Charlie was a little guinea pig with a big dream: Hollywood. He decided to leave his cosy cage and his friend, Sophie, for a glamorous career. How did it work for him? His dream came true, but as he found out, it was not exactly what he had expected… It was time to come back home.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as the saying goes. Sometimes we need to leave, in order to know why we should come back.

A delightful story about friendship, dreams of stardom and choosing what’s best for you, whether it is a big life and camera flashes, or a “Fruity-Nut Buffet, Buy 1, Get 1 Free!” with your friend.

Lively tone, a hilarious story and lots of humor in illustrations, by Denise Brunkus.