1bookperday in October: Parent-Child Dialogue

Not everybody is cut out to be a great speaker.  I am absolutely okay with that. Some people have the gift of the gab, some others can build houses, design bridges or bake delicious cupcakes. At the same time, I think that whatever our skills as a talker and story-teller, we should try to learn to express ourselves clearly.  The clearer we talk, the better the chances  that others will understand us correctly, and we can avoid the ever frustrating miscommunication.  Communicability is a skill with a big impact on our life.  I have already understood as a student and  as a teacher. I gave up on it as a child (more about it in the upcoming posts), but now I am diligently applying it as a parent. I want my sons to understand me and I strive to understand them. Talking helps a lot.

In October, I’d like to focus on  three aspects of parent-child communication:

1. Verbalizing Feelings

2. Partnership vs. Patronizing

3. Respect and Discretion