“Mrs. Mo’s Monster” by Paul Beavis


Mrs. Mo was busy preparing Mr. Mo’s birthday celebration, when she was suddenly interrupted by a very ill-mannered visitor. It was a monster who only liked to “crunch, munch and chew”. Mrs. Mo tried to engage the monster in her painting project, but “he only knew what he knew”. Instead of painting, he crunched on the paintbrush. And then on a string, and a spoon. The patient Mrs. Mo kept trying to encourage the monster to help her, but since it wasn’t munching, crunching and chewing, he couldn’t do it.  Until the stubborn monster saw Mrs. Mo stir the cake batter. That was something he absolutely could do! And that was something Mrs. Mo couldn’t do without the monster.  

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mo! What a clever story. I guess this is one of those books the publishers are looking for these days: an engaging, entertaining story with a very subtle, yet powerful message. It is good to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, indeed. Put on the growing mindset. You can learn to do it. Don’t let fear or laziness drive you! 

I love the writer’s voice. The onomatopoeic word choices, repetitions and witty dialogues are just a perfect mix. Add to it the humorous pictures, and the characters’ personalities come alive as you turn the pages. What a debut, Mr. Beavis!

A brilliant story for so many reasons. The off-beat humor from cover to cover makes this book a delightful treat for readers of any ages. Giggles guaranteed. The birthday twist makes it a fantastic birthday gift. And last but not least, perhaps this is the book to help us and our own little monsters to get out of our comfort zones and try something new from time to time. I am giving billiards a try tomorrow.