The More Books The Merrier!

Mission accomplished! Yesterday my boys marked the last spots in their reading logs. The 30 days of learning and reading was over. During that month we attended various interesting events at the library. It’s not everyday that you can see a raccoon or a circus there. We got to read and re-read many fun stories. My toddler enjoyed books about trains and trucks. My five-year old preferred wit and humor of Mo Willems or Oliver Jeffers and revisited lots of books which I used to read to him when he was younger. Now it was his turn to read to his brother and he did great!  It was time to rush to our library to get prizes. Yes, I must admit, the prizes were a great motivator in this wonderful summer literacy initiative. A simple raffle ticket or a pencil is likecarrot on the stick for young children. You can’t go without it.  Many thanks to the Peninsula Library System and  San Mateo County for organizing it and adding more books to our summer!

Summer Learning Program is truly a great thing to add your family summer activities. It’s more opportunity to do something together. Even if you read books at home day in an out as we do, the summer is usually when it’s hard to stick to routine. Between travels and camps, pools and parks, there are days when we devour a pile of reading treats and there are days when we starve the readers in us and fulfill other cravings. The reading program helps to keep reading a part of our daily routine. We all know what one book per day can do. Especially when read together.


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